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[WPXperVideo id=10 ]hey everyone it is Sarah and for the last few days I’ve been here in Tampa experiencing their world-class food and drink scene so today I’m gonna share a few of my favorite spots with you will be going to steak houses cocktail lounges rooftop bars and much much more so if you’re ready let’s dive fork first into the top seven foodie spots here in Tampa [Music] inside the foodie themed epicurean hotel autograph collection is Ellen vibes this restaurant serves cuisine that is the best of southern hospitality and French techniques it’s led by nationally recognized executive chef Chad Johnson who has named the 2012 and 2014 best chef South semi-finalists by the James Beard Foundation the culinary team focuses on fresh vibrant preparations that have a sense of familiarity with a twist of the unexpected create dishes such as goat cheese and sweet potato agnolotti a handmade pasta filled with a mousse of goat cheese roasted sweet potato and pureed black truffles but before we move on to our next location let’s talk about this place this is an epicurean hotel autograph collection and I want to talk about it because this hotel is foodie fokn it was created which campus rich culinary heritage in minds and shows off the unique flavor of the area every part of this hotel has a little bit butI inspiration in it from the wine cartons behind the check-in desk even the doorknobs like this one all with a foodie focus this was created in collaboration with fern Steakhouse which is one of the best steak houses in the country first sake houses more than just a place C is a gastronomic adventure this restaurant not only specializes in aged steaks but they actually have one of the largest privately owned wine collections in the world and they also have 50 types of desserts in over a thousand dessert wines and spirits they also offer kitchen tours and wine cellar tours and their wine cellar one a James Beard Award dinner has been served what we got here is a six-week aged Delmonico steak with a side of carrots with their special carrot sauce and then their locally grown vegetables they have a farm here where they grow all their vegetables and then right here we got the truffle mac and cheese you can never go wrong with truffle mac and cheese and it’s paired with a Bordeaux wine which goes really nicely with this steak I am so excited right now just seeing the process of him cooking this made me so hungry and oh my god I’m like no lie I’ve been to some of the best steak houses in New York and this is the best date I’ve ever had it like melts in your mouth they have a massive unit in the kitchen that ages steaks anywhere from five weeks to four months so that’s really what brings these delicious flavors out it’s like simmering down a sauce like the more it ages the more flavor you got out of it can’t go wrong with truffle mac and cheese that’s like a party in your mouth right there don’t miss this spot when you come to Tampa this is this is the place this is the place to get a steak I’m upstairs in the dessert room and what they’re known for is their back and seeing me and not ice cream they make everything here fresh in house oh my god what it had it tastes the roasted like you actually taste a roasted macadamia nut they topped it off with some hot fudge actual macadamia nuts and put it in this little bowl that’s made from a waffle that they made here as well on top of the Epicurean hotel you’ll find this place it’s called edge rooftop cocktail lounge here they serve cocktails with the freshest ingredients and atmosphere unlike anywhere else that you’ll find in Tampa they also have an extensive wine list beers and many other delicious drinks to enjoy on a beautiful rooftop a great place to enjoy sunset cocktail [Music] for an upscale American meal and a sophisticated atmosphere had here to the Oxford exchange where they specialize in simple fresh meals with organic seasonal ingredients here you can get a great breakfast brunch or afternoon tea what is unique about Oxford exchange is that they have a shop and bookstore attached to the restaurant selling elegant decor interior designs toys jewelry and a lot more it’s worth coming here for the shop even if you’re not hungry because of the high quality products they sell I mean it’s really stunning number one restaurant in Tampa according to the Tampa Bay Times is here it’s called Brewster and the till this place serves locally sourced new American dishes that are served on small plates and they’re known for their chef’s tasting menu and senseof line list what started in 2013 as a 37 seat restaurant has evolved into a 78 restaurant that is award-winning and is known for its always evolving menu and wine list for adventures diners looking to be challenged by new flavors this spot is owned by Tai Rodriguez and chef Farrell Alvarez a 2017 James Beard Foundation semifinals for the best chef in the south they have an open kitchen concept here so you can actually watch the chefs as they make your food and their chef’s tasting menu comes with six horses and you can choose to add the wine pairing I always think that’s a great idea I just got my first course and this uses sunflower and four different ways one of the ways that I have never heard of this called sunchokes and it’s actually the center of the sunflower ed plays a lot like an artichoke really tasty I do the tasting menu that was paired with the wines it was absolutely exceptional were made through the max my favorite had to be the tacos but we’re fabulous as well this time they did a la señal plantain ice cream and it tasted so real now the thing is the menu changes here constantly this is always going to be a little bit different but you’re guaranteed to have a great meal anytime you see the views generally is a throwback to when fine spirits were savored in a casual atmosphere that a suited style here you can find excellent gin cocktails what I got was the floral and this has dried roses Hendrix and cucumber in it super refreshing and they top it off with actual little roses and I love how they have a touch of the round ice cube plus the atmosphere here is incredibly elegant it reminds me of like the 1920 is it’s really beautiful great place to come for maybe date night cocktails or just to catch up with friends though the name is CW’s gingely it’s so much more than just a gin joint you can actually get small plates and entrees here they’re gourmet dishes I mean take a look at how beautifully presented these are they’re really like pieces of art so while you’re enjoying a nice cocktail you can enjoy something like this grilled octopus the shrimp cocktail the deviled eggs and much much more [Music] our work is a one-stop shop to all the best flavors here in Tampa in sinus fully restored historic building and yield by a community destination of innovative eateries food courts and event spaces here you’ll find great sits out dining options and also 22 square feet at Heights Public Market where you’ll see food stalls created by Tampa’s best Top Chef and restauranteurs they also have unprecedented views of the Hillsborough River right outside they also have a show-and-tell space where they host cooking classes wine tastings of pop-up dinners here [Music] thanks for watching if you like this video remember to subscribe follow me on Instagram it’s very funky and watch my other travel videos I have time to them I’ll see you next time [Music]

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