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Top 50 Restaurants of Tampa Bay: Noble Rice

[WPXperVideo id=4 ][Music] we’ve never been a traditional restaurant I said about no edamame let me sow soup the whole thing is to break the mold in the stereotype yes we had some of the best fish on the planet and we’re gonna treat it better my style really traditional

Top 50 Restaurants of Tampa Bay: Edison: Food + Drink Lab

[WPXperVideo id=5 ][Music] [Music] there’s nothing greater than going to a table and someone says to you Jeannie I don’t know what to get the menu looks so good that’s the joy that’s the whole point you really become a chef to be loved that’s what you really do you

Top 50 Restaurants of Tampa Bay: Pizzeria Gregario

[WPXperVideo id=2 ][Music] pizzas beautiful right it’s its grain its water that’s wild you know I don’t use commercial yeast I use wild leavener and salt it’s only a few ingredients they’ve been in my heart for a long time to do a wood-fired pizzeria I fell into pizza in